bandolero engine storage

The proper way to store a Bandolero Engine

How do I properly store a Bandolero Engine?

The proper way to store a Bandolero engine is not difficult. It requires a few steps that are not overly complicated but will take just a little bit of time.  It’s something that can be accomplished very thoroughly in an afternoon. If you are thorough with the steps listed, it will help ensure that your engine doesn’t get any additional leak down due to rust or corrosion on the cylinder walls, or have fuel passages varnished up from ethanol based fuels.

engine compartment

What items will I need?

You will need the following items to store a Bandolero Engine:
Sta-Bil Fuel System Treatment
Sta-Bil Engine Fogging Oil
Ratchet and Sparkplug Socket
Drain pan
Jack Stands
New Oil and Filter
Hand wrenches for battery ends
Brake Clean
When we searched out the chemicals and other items needed, we got them from and from our friends at

What do I do first?

  1. Add the Sta-Bil Fuel system treatment to the fuel system.  You are adding the treatment, and then running the engine for the appropriate amount of time, to cycle the fuel up into the carburetor. This is going to take just a little bit of time. These engines are moderately fuel efficient, so it will take a few moments of run time. The concept is to get the treated fuel up through the fuel pump and into the carburetor, so to prevent the varnish and corrosion that takes place with the ethanol-based fuel that is prevalent at the local gas stations at this time.  sta-bil treatment
  2. After enough time has passed to adequately pass the fuel treatment through the fuel system, jack up and place the car on jack stands. Drain the oil, and change the oil and filter. The used oil has fuel residue in it and is highly corrosive. It can begin corrosion on internal engine components in as little as 30 days. Restart the engine and check for leaks. We want the new oil to store a Bandolero engine.
  3. Remove the Air Cleaner Assembly. Start the engine and allow to run. Spray the engine fogging oil in the carburetor throat for 10 seconds. Shut the engine back off. Remove the front and rear spark plugs. Using the supplied extension tube that came with the can of fogging oil, spray fogging oil into each spark plug hole and while the tube is in the cylinder direct it around in a circular motion to cover all the cylinder walls. Replace the spark plugs.
  4. Disconnect the Battery. Use the sandpaper and clean the lead ends until they shine brightly. Apply a liberal coating of WD-40 to the cable ends. Leave them disconnected for the winter.
  5. Ensure the engine has adequately cooled, then clean the engine with Brake Clean. The brake clean will dry quickly. After it does, apply a liberal coating of wd 40 over the entire engine surface. If you are running a bully clutch, go ahead and coat the clutch as well. It won’t hurt a thing.

In conclusion

There are just a couple more things to do.  In the spring of the year, when you pull the car out of storage, replace the air filter and the fuel filter. Reconnect the battery cables. Check no corrosion is apparent on the battery cables before you fasten them down.  The Sta-bil products have a long history of success. If you properly store a Bandolero Engine using the methods described above, you’ll be much less likely to experience any wear or engine leak down due to corrosion in the cylinder walls. See you at the races!